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CROCE - your watch business partner was established in 2008 and specialized in the manufacturing of OEM,ODM & licensed watches. We assist numerous well-known companies to build their own watch collections in various countries and provide comprehensive servies from watch design creation to technical development for quality production as well. We offer reliable quality watches in wide range of categories like Sport, Diving, Dress, Ceramic, High Fashion with Stone, Casual, Classic, which meet our client's needs and are dedicated to help their success worldwide.

Office No.1106, HanwhaBizMetro Bldg. No.1, 449-4, GaYang-Dong, SEOUL, KOREA
Tel 82 2 6957 1770
Fax 82 2 6957 1773



          109-04-44278 대표:박태진 관리책임자:신아라
          Address. 서울특별시 강서구 가양동 449-4 강서한화비즈메트로 1차 1106호 Tel. (02) 6957-1773 E-mail.